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Aug 27, 2014
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All my friends are depressed,
who regressed
back into teenage impress,
trying to return to our best;
lines off cd cases,
got the ”mind-altering bug”
he says,”well said” I said,
so sad and also sleepless
hoping so help me we’ll leave this
planet and waking-dream big -
pick images out of mind’s recess,
by morning we’ll all forget;
smoke rings and ground pieces
of pretty green buds  
an old friend, now
I make friends with leeches 
and o god the time goes on,
goes on and feels like no end,
but then the end is tinged regret,
and in the end we’re all depressed,
and no-one’s sure what’s next,
and no-one’s sure what’s next.


Aug 25, 2014
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leftovertransam asked: do you draw a line between art and reality? for example how far can someone indulge themselves before they lose themselves, for example if an artist constantly played a character as an artistic statement

In some sense I think the outer image of our persons are not seen by anyone else in immediacy - there is always an intermediate of character. Whenever we decide consciously to act in a certain way towards another person, that’s as much of a character as anything else! So I think you can always draw the line in that situation - if the mannerisms of the ‘character’ become unconscious then the person is indistinguishable from the character. What I’m saying really here, is that art is willed to exist and reality just exists.  

Aug 25, 2014
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littlenooksandpoetrybooks asked: How are you liking living in the States?

As with every time I am here, there is good and bad. I love the vibrancy of the states; almost everywhere seems to feel alive. Everyone looks busy, interesting, open to talk and talking loudly and that has it’s negatives and positives. The biggest downside for me is always going to be the number of homeless people. Obviously they exist in the UK - but I don’t feel like it’s the same sort of homeless. The homeless here just look desolate, lost, beat. So beat that you look in their eyes and you don’t even really see a person in there any more, more like a machine that’s only alive in the most basic sense. And that’s the contrast to the vibrancy that I see in other people here, and it makes it all the more sad and more difficult to ignore. 

Aug 25, 2014
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wlsandoval88 asked: When you write, what is your process? For me, I feel inspiration most strongly when I am listening to music. I allow it to illicit an emotion, and I use that emotion to guide my thoughts. My thoughts often lead me to a purpose, and with that purpose I write. But sometimes writer's block keeps me from finishing. That's what I struggle with, getting past the block to finish.

Oh man, I wish I had a process like that. My process is something like - an idea happens, struggle to get it down on paper in a way that I like as quickly as is possible, decide whether the finished product is worth keeping. 

Aug 23, 2014
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I have taken a liking to a cup of lady grey tea in the evening. Which is one of the more English things to ever happen to me. Maybe it’s being away from home, but I’ve been really thinking recently about the things that make up a country’s cultural identity. A lot of breath is wasted on talking about how that might be being lost or diluted or changed, but maybe the best thing to do would be to affirm culture, keep talking about it and keep traditions alive where we can. I don’t know. Thoughts. I’ll be answering some questions now!

Aug 19, 2014
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It’s done! Had it in mind for about 2 years so I’m relieved I finally got round to it. Kairos means something along the lines of; the supreme/perfect moment. It’s sort of a reminder to myself in the future - don’t settle, don’t do something you don’t want to, when the moment arises notice it, take it by the horns and do something with it. Or something. It’s pretty fresh so it’s not healed yet, but hopefully it won’t take too long. Hope this finds you all well anyhow!


Aug 19, 2014
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the-wildman asked: Okay, I find this to be a very telling question... if you can have one super power what would it be? No adaptive powers, or unlimited powers, or all the powers. Which one? :D

Being the comic book nerd that I am, I am well versed in this question. I’d love to be able to teleport around. Or turn into a bear. In a perfect world, both.

Aug 18, 2014
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@theuniversealive said: What’s the tattoo gonna be?

theuniversealive said: Lol just watched it yesterday. Classic

First off glad you took my comments on breakfast club as a joke… some people got rather offended! I’m just getting ‘kairos’ on my shoulder in a typewriter style font. Hopefully it’ll look pretty cool but I’ll put a picture of it up tomorrow!


Aug 18, 2014
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Tomorrow I get my first tattoo. It’s two weeks before I cease to live a normal life and live in a van for a month, rolling out of san fran across the golden gate bridge. I think that’s worth an ask me anything!

Aug 13, 2014
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Just watched The Breakfast Club. The film that teaches you that if you’re a cool stoner, you can get with the most popular girl in school, if you’re a hot weird girl, you can have a makeover and get with the top athelete, and if you’re a geek you can do everyone else’s work for them then go home alone. The 80s.

Aug 13, 2014
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you are the salt of the earth,
with feet of clay, the ground
was brined with the sweat of your brow.
All those thorns in the flesh
in the act of giving the breath of life
only to find
you’ve grown such sour grapes;
but you reap what you sow, and
if you want to live
from the fat of the land,
don’t let the sun go down on your wrath,
and make your work a labour of love,
because man can not live by bread alone.
oh ye of little faith!
remember that for everything there is a season;
reap the whirlwind!
fight the good fight!
win by the skin of your teeth!
sometimes though the spirit is willing,
the flesh is weak.


Aug 9, 2014
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little grey
city by the bay
say something to me -
fallen in love with your
peaks and troughs,
subway train which
creaks and rocks
it’s way under the water;
far away from my usual ocean
sea spray in some way
specifically pacific.
something stirred here,
a half smile turned pacing the
foggy morning streets, feet
tracing their dips and heights
with new delight.


Aug 4, 2014
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I’ve had worse commutes home from work…

Aug 3, 2014
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Sometimes films annoy me. So often I care more about what’s going to happen after the end credits than what just happened.

Aug 2, 2014
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Hey guys - I need one more new editor for thesesagepoets! If you’re passionate about promoting new poets and their poems, send me a message with your name, age, favourite poet, and two poems you’ve found on the poetry tag. Thanks guys!

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